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How to install Artificial Stone, Antique Stone and Exposed Concrete

How to install Artificial Stone, Antique Stone and Exposed Concrete

How to install Artificial Stone, Antique Stone and Exposed Concrete SadrStone artificial stone and antique stone are all made of smart concrete which enables them to be installed by anyone as easy as a piece of cake. In the following paragraphs we are going .to guide you on an easy and quick installation process for installing artificial stone, antique stone and exposed concrete

First step : preparing the surface

The first step you need to take is to prepare the surface on which you want to install the stones. You can apply our stones and exposed concrete directly on any clean and unsealed wall. You need to note that before starting to apply the stones or exposed concrete you need to measure your project carefully, then based on how many square meters you need to apply you should start to test your desired design of application by arranging the stones next to each other on the floor to have a plan on how you are going to install

Artificial Stone

The next step is to prepare the substructure

of the surface. Installing stones on concrete, plaster and other masonry surfaces doesn’t need metal mesh only if the whole surface is free of paint, waterproof material or plaster cover. If necessary, wash the surface with pressure and use a wire brush to line the wall. To start the practical application process you need to apply the mortar. It is better to install the stones from bottom to top so that the mortar doesn’t pour on the artificial stones below. In order to fix the artificial stone or antique stone you can press it and slowly shake your hands. Remove the extra mortar using a trowel. If, accidentally, the mortar pour on the stones’ surface do not remove it using water since it can stain the stone. Instead, let the mortar to get completely dried and then you can remove it using a hard brush. Please note that, in average about 5 percent of the artificial or antique stones will be wasted throughout the cutting and shaping process

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How to install Artificial Stone, Antique Stone and Exposed Concrete

The next step would be adjusting the size and shape of the stones

by trimming and cutting off the extras. Some artificial stones, antique stones or exposed concretes are required to be cut or reshaped. You can do so using circular saws or (by milling) to create a more polished look. Once the stones are all installed you should do the grouting. You may fill the joints and the spaces between the artificial stones using mortar through the process of grouting. Let it the mortar get dried for about 30 to 60 minutes, then remove the mortar stains by a hard and dry brush. You may also add SadrStone Nano coating to expand the stones durability especially for exterior use