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About Us - Share Holders - سنگ آنتیک و سنگ مصنوعی صدر استون

About Us – Share Holders

SadrStone - Decorative And Antique Stone

Was established in 2004 in Tehran to manufacture antique stone and artificial stone compatible with nature. After a year, the company’s manager made their massive factory ready for operation in Tehran with the Annual production capacity of 30000 square meters. In order to utilize modern technology and gaining experience from big companies and reputed ones in this field, and also to enhance accuracy and quality of products, Sadr Stone entered into negotiations with Canadian officials. After extensive consultations, Sadr Stone succeeded to reach an agreement to produce its products under the license of this company. Therefore, Sadr Stone products, which for the first time were shown to the public in Furniture and Interior Design Exhibition in Tehran Permanent Fairground in 2007, were incredibly welcomed by professors, engineers, architects as well as public visitors. After that, Successful participation in several international exhibitions expanded Sadr Stone company arenas of activity to beyond the borders of our homeland Iran. At the time, Sadr Stone managers intend to universalize Iranian Production companies’ reputation in all over the world.

کارخانه سنگهای مصنوعی صدر استون

SadrStone Factory

کارخانه سنگهای آنتیک صدر استون

SadrStone Factory