Sadr Stone

The first and The largest Manufacturer and supplier of building stones in Iran. In SADR STONE we provide our valuable customers with all kind of stone products through our two fully automated factories. Our factories are located in Tehran, Yazd . In these factories we produce Light-wight stones, Decorative stones, Veneer stones, Artificial Stones, Cast stones, Natural Stones, Prophyry Stones in two Cubic and Crazy shape and also Sculpture, Fireplace and Balustrade. Our Granite, Travertine and Marble products are unique. Our products currently are available via our selling network (175 representatives and agents) in all parts of the country and also The neighbor countries.

سنگ مصنوعی
  • دکوراسون داخلی
  • طراحی داخلی
  • سنگ آنتیک
  • دکوراسون داخلی
  • سنگ تزئینی
  • سنگ مصنوعی
  • سنگ
  • طراحی نما
  • سنگ شومینه
  • طراحی داخلی
  • دکوراسیون
  • دیوار پوش
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