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SadrStone - Antique Veneer Stone

SadrStone - Decorative And Antique Stone

Was established in 2004 in Tehran to manufacture antique stone and artificial stone compatible with nature. After a year, the company’s manager made their massive factory ready for operation in Tehran with the Annual production capacity of 30000 square meters. In order to utilize modern technology and gaining experience from big companies and reputed ones in this field, and also to enhance accuracy and quality of products, Sadr Stone entered into negotiations with Canadian officials. After extensive consultations, Sadr Stone succeeded to reach an agreement to produce its products under the license of this company. Therefore, Sadr Stone products, which for the first time were shown to the public in Furniture and Interior Design Exhibition in Tehran Permanent Fairground in 2007, were incredibly welcomed by professors, engineers, architects as well as public visitors. After that, Successful participation in several international exhibitions expanded Sadr Stone company arenas of activity to beyond the borders of our homeland Iran. At the time, Sadr Stone managers intend to universalize Iranian Production companies’ reputation in all over the world.

Artificial Sadr Stone Factory
Artificial Sadr Stone Factory
Artificial Sadr Stone Factory
Artificial Sadr Stone Factory

Frequently asked questions about artificial stone

What is antique stone decorative usage in interior decoration?
Common applications of artificial stone:
• Making fireplaces: Artificial stone can be used in making various, beautiful fireplaces compatible with the environment.
• Use of artificial stone in the bathroom and kitchen: by using artificial stone in the bathroom and kitchen Innovative architectural texture can be created.
•Doors, windows and arches: with using artificial stones conventional arcs can be designed with beautiful forms.
• Building facades: for Beautiful and unique design of facades artificial stones can be used.
•Outdoor decorations: In addition to the applications that have already been mentioned, artificial stone can be used in Construction of fireplaces, stoves, decorations around the garden, chairs, tables, etc. The use of artificial stone helps greatly to the beauty of the environment.
• Columns: columns are another use of artificial stones. The columns are the reasons of a building strength and their existence is essential, but in most cases reduce the beauty of the environment. To fix this problem artificial stone can be used. By pasting artificial stone on the columns they can be turned into a beautiful structures.
How to get informed about how to buy and Sadr Stone catalogues?
To get Sadr Stone 2016 products catalog submit your email in the form below.
2016 Catalog Request
how to become a Sadr Stone representative?
In order to become a representative you need to fill out the following electronic application form. The respective experts will contact you as soon as possible.
Representative request
How is Sadr Stone guarantee and After-sales service?
To view the guarantee terms of Sadr Stone antique stones please refer to the guarantee section of the website via the link below:
Terms of guarantee
Or you can contact Sadr Stone sales department: Tell:
+982187106 and

Frequently asked questions about artificial stone

Apart from Sadr Stone stones, what other types of stone exist?
In general there are three kinds of stone available:
First type: Natural stones such as marble or granite stone etc. found in nature.
Second type: Artificial stones made of unnatural material such as plastics and chemical material. They are used for decoration and using them in internal spaces in not without problem. Moreover composition of such stones in case of fire would turn into a dangerous material for health. These stones because of not being temperature changes resistant, are not really practical for using in exterior spaces and façade.
Third type: Artificial stones made of natural material. This kind of stones are produced through nanotechnology and are exactly the same as natural stones with the only difference that these stones are capable of being designed and imprinted and are they also have lower weight and lower installation costs and finally higher durability. Sadr Stone stones are among this type.
Are artificial stones washable?
Yes- Artificial stones are washable. Therefore, artificial antique stones of Sadr Stone can be easily washed and cleaned.
How is the durability of artificial stones?

AS Sadr Stone artificial stones are water resistant, self-washable and also they have very high resistance against hit and temperature changes, you can be pretty sure about Sadr Stone stones’ durability factor and go to evaluate other factors.

You Can Also Visit This Link :
SadrStone SPEC Table  
Some general characteristics of Sadr artificial stones:
○-Lighter than natural stones with specific weight of 2200 kg. Square meter; this results in building less weight and thus reduction of the effects of earthquakes on buildings.
○- No limit in manufacturing dimensions with the installation like natural stones and no limit in stone design. Endurance (tension and pressure) higher than natural stones.
○More adhesion to cement materials; that means unlike natural stones it won’t get detached from the building because of the effects of weather and lack of adhesion over time. The most familiar disadvantages of natural stones is eventual detachment from building.
○-High resistance to weather changes and factors and also color resistance against the sun.
○-Ice resistance to fifty degrees Celsius below zero.
○-Thermal resistance up to five cycles of temperature
○- Resistant to expansion and contraction which results in not being fractured or broken in desert areas. High strength and cohesion
Why Sadr Stone Antique stone?
Sadr Stone is the first company that started producing decorative artificial stone with natural materials in Iran. The first fact to be easy to get there, we prefer to invite you to visit our website instead of repeating other facts to come with a tangible understanding in different sections such as exhibitions, honors, articles and number of representatives. We pay more attention to make a deep impact on our customers’ subconscious.

  • چرا محصولات صدر استون؟ بیش از 8000 مشتری خرسند و راضی
     چرا صدر استون ؟ محصولات ما نه تنها در دکوراسیون داخلی بلکه در نمای خارجی ساختمان نیز بسیار پرکاربرد
    چرا محصولات صدر استون ؟ ما سنگ‌هایمان را با مواد طبیعی و رنگهای معدنی تولید میکنیم
    چرا صدر استون ؟ - ما در ایران اولین و قدیمی ترین هستیم

    Other projects, decorated with Sadr Stone antique stones:

    New products Production progress

    • Pyramid esp Antique stone 60%
    • Choco esp Antique stone 70%
    • Retain esp Antique stone80%